Northeast India Clipings

A Monthly Compilation of Clippings

About the Compilation

THE NORTH EAST INDIA CLIPPINGS is an exercise to help the media, policymakers and researchers to keep a watch on the trend of events in Northeast India. We intend to give more emphasis on hard news collected from the regional press than those scattered in national newspapers . The journal gives more emphasis on collecting news from all the states as reported by regional press and contains nearly 2000-2500 clippings. Besides, the DOCUMENTS SECTION of each issue will contain relevant documents collected from different government and non-government organizations, students unions autonomy movements and other conflicts, statistics of casualties due to secessionist movements by organizations active in the region but operating from our neighboring countries, causing a threat to the internal security of not only the region but the country as a whole.

One Response to “About the Compilation”

  1. Amit said

    Is the source public. If yes, why am I not able to read when i click on “more” of the incidents. If the source is not public, do you charge for full access. Also I was wondering if your news source is online or hard copies of newspaper clippings.

    And yes, which is the first year of your compilation. As in when do you start.


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