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Tea and Agro based Economy, February 2008

Posted by buraluit on May 10, 2009

Poultry farmers count losses

farmers count losses(TEL_4_2_K8)           

Culling to
continue in dhubri district (TEL_4_2_K8)

Satrasal (Dhubri), Feb. 3: Two gloved hands closed
around the chicken’s neck. A practised jerk and Pradeep Sil froze in pain. As
the culling team carefully went about its task at his poultry farm in Dhubri’s
Ramrai Kuti Part-I village, Sil drew a sharp breath and looked away. The air was
beginning to smell of blood, every drop robbing the poultry owner of a lifetime
of hard work. The outbreak of bird flu in neighbouring Bengal has begun showing
side-effects in Assam. …more…

Govt bows
to World Bank (TEL_8_2_K8)

Feb. 7: Dispur has asked the National Dairy Development
Board (NDDB) to take over the management of West Assam Milk Producers’
Co-operative Union Ltd (Wamul), the creators of milk brand Purabi, from April 1.
The move follows the World Bank’s subtle threat to drop its dairy development
programme in the state if it was not managed by a professional organisation with
a proven track record. Sources said the government had formally moved the NDDB a
few days ago, but had stressed that it would not be able to immediately release
the first-phase amount of Rs 1.35 crore, required to set the revival of Wamul in
motion. …more…

ABITA annual general meeting held in Dibrugarh(SEN, 17-2-08)
Staff Correspondent
DIBRUGARH, Feb 16: The 118th Annual General Meeting of the Assam Branch of
Indian Tea Association (ABITA), held today at the Dibrugarh and District
Planters’ Club concluded successfully with a note to face the new challenges
that have emerged in the tea sector in order to achieve global competitiveness.
The AGM chaired by Jagadish Bezbaruah, Chairman, ABITA, was attended by
Chandrajit Saikia, Executive Director, Tea Board, CS Bedi, Additional Vice
Chairman, Indian Tea Association (ITA), Monojit Das Gupta, Secretary General,
ITA and reputed actor Victor Banerjee.

Government ‘apathy’ towards small tea growers draws flak(SEN, 19-2-08)
‘Middlemen having a field day in Jorhat bought leaf factories’
From our Correspondent
JORHAT, Feb 18: Small tea growers of the State have voiced their concern over
the ‘apathy’ shown by the Government towards the redress of their long-standing
grievances. A source close to All Assam Small Tea Growers’ Association pointed
out that the non-representation of the small tea growers of the State in the Tea
Board of India has deprived them of benefits under the various welfare and
relief schemes operated by the Board. All Assam Small Tea Growers’ Association
has on its rolls 65,000 members, the source claimed.

Farmers need seeds and water; Gogoi gives them raincoats



18: Asom Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi announced recently that the State Government
would provide raincoats to the farmers of the State instead of jaapis, while the
farmers badly need seeds and irrigation facilities. The ground reality is such
that the production of rice in the State has been maintaining a declining trend
for the last few years, while its requirement has been rising continuously.


gunpowder to glad tidings(TEL_9_2_K8)

Militancy-ravaged village ready to go global, says it with flowers

Kokrajhar, Feb. 8:
Flowers are now blooming where
militant guns once boomed. Kusumbil, a village in Gossaigaon subdivision of
Kokrajhar district that witnessed the worst of Bodo militancy, has blossomed
into a riot of colours.  The villagers grow over 30 varieties of flowers,
including roses, chrysanthemums, cosmos, silvia, dahlia and flox.  The
villagers, who do brisk business in Assam and at times in Shillong, and are now
ready to export their colourful produce to the West.  “We are holding
discussions with firms which export flowers to European countries,” said
Surjamohan Biswas, a villager who started it all in 2005 with the help of a
relative in Calcutta. …more…


of sops for fish farmers & students(TEL_10_2_K8)

Feb. 12: The first Sonitpur Matsya Mahotsava brought
with it glad tidings for students of pisciculture and fish farmers. Speaking at
the two-day event in Tezpur on Sunday, organised jointly by the district
administration and District Rural Development Authority, minister Nurjamal
Sarkar said the College of Fisheries in Raha would be upgraded soon. The
fisheries minister also announced plans to set up a research institute for fish
farmers in Assam. The proposal was placed before Delhi at a conference of
fisheries ministers recently. Sarkar said Assam required at least 20,000 tonnes
of fish everyday and most of it was coming from outside the state.

bouquet to boost Assam tea(TEL_11_2_K8)

Silchar, Feb. 10: The Centre has finally given the
go-ahead to a package of schemes under the 11th five-year Plan that aims at
rejuvenating Assam’s ailing tea industry. The announcement by the chairman of
the Surma Valley branch of the Indian Tea Association (ITA), Surya Narayan
Singh, here yesterday came as a major relief for the recession-hit tea industry.
Addressing the branch’s 107th annual general meeting, Singh said the schemes
covered were plantation development projects, including the much-vaunted Special
Purpose Tea Fund (SPTF), human resource development, quality upgrade, product
diversification besides research and development.

Plea on

Dibrugarh, Feb. 16: The Assam tea industry urged
Dispur to check militancy at the 118th AGM of the Assam Branch of the Indian Tea
Association here today. ithout naming the ANLA, additional vice-chairman of the
Indian Tea Association C.S. Bedi and outgoing chairman of Abita Jagadish
Bezbaruah expressed concern about the activities of the Adivasi outfit.



The office of the director-general of police, Assam, has
secured the first position in the recently concluded the 3rd Northeast regional
horticulture show at the Assam Engineering Institute playground, Chandmari.


Deluge of
funds, no water(TEL_21_2_K8)

Feb. 20: A deluge of funds and scores of imaginary
irrigation schemes — that, in a nutshell, is the state of affairs in the
irrigation department. On paper, as many as 159 minor irrigation schemes have
been launched in Karbi Anglong so far. In reality, all of them are defunct. Of
the 79,000 hectares of irrigable land in the district, only 52,000 hectares have
partially benefited from government irrigation schemes. “Water is essential for
cultivation and people are struggling to find a drop since all irrigation
schemes are defunct. The funds that Delhi and Dispur have sanctioned are being
misused,” said Mangalsingh Rangpi of Donkamokam. The department’s annual
operational plan tells a different story. It claims that Rs 7 crore is spent
annually on projects old and new.

birds to be culled in Kokrajhar(AST_4_2_K8)

 KOKRAJHAR, Feb 3 – Alarmed over bird flu incidents in neighbouring
West Bengal, authorities in Kokrajhar district have ordered culling of 50,000
birds. The veterinary and animal husbandry department has set the target to
create a ‘free poultry zone’ as a precautionary measure in Kokrajhar, which is
adjacent to North Bengal districts.
Veterinary Officer Debojit Brahma told PTI that about 400 birds were culled
today with five rapid response teams arriving here from Guwahati for better
coordination. …more…

Poultry sector hit by feed

GUWAHATI, Feb 3 – The State poultry is being pushed to the jaws of
death not because of the deadly bird flu virus, but because it is being denied
its share of food. The State Government’s intensive move to bar the entry of the
dreaded bird flu virus in the State has started costing the existing poultry in
the State the diet. The State is facing acute shortage of poultry feed, imported
from West Bengal and Bihar.

Tea exports come down

GUWAHATI, Feb 9 – Indian tea is gradually losing its competitive edge
in the international market and the volume of exports is coming down
drastically, which posed another major threat to the tea industry as a whole.
According to figures available, the volume of exports in 2007 came down by more
than 60 million kilograms compared to 2006, which gave a clear picture of the
state of affairs. …more…

NE roses attract foreign

By Surajit Khaund
 GUWAHATI, Feb 11 – Roses cultivated in the North East are all set to explore
the Valentine Day market. This time, New Zealand and several Gulf countries have
come forward to buy roses from this region for the ensuing Valentine Day. The
demand for roses in foreign countries is very high during the Valentine Day.
And, the demand was earlier met by Japan and many South Indian countries. But
now North East India has been able to draw the attention of the foreign buyers
through its variety of roses.

Dimoria beekeepers set example
of fruitful self-employment
GUWAHATI, Feb 11 – In one of those rare success stories that epitomise
the determination and perseverance of at the people level the grassroots, more
than 200 beekeepers of Dimoria have been able to change their living standard by
supplying not only honey but also equipment needed for beekeeping. By 2010, the
number of beekeepers will increase to 1000, so claims the Dimoria Gramin Bikash
Samity, the society which sowed the seeds of a new dream by first taking up
beekeeping and later on diversifying into supplying all the materials needed for
beekeeping. …more…

NE horticultural show gets
under way
GUWAHATI, Feb 11 – All the colours of the season are on display in their
brilliant best at the Assam Engineering Institute Playground, which is hosting
the North East Regional Horticultural Show – 2008 organised jointly by the Assam
State Agricultural Marketing Board, Assam Horticultural Society and the
Directorate of Agriculture and Horticulture, Government of Assam.

Training on cost-effective
farming techniques
 GUWAHATI, Feb 11 – The Art of Living will conduct a three-day training
programme for farmers on chemical-free and cost-effective farming techniques
from February 13 next.
Over 1,000 farmers from different parts of Assam are expected to attend the
training to be held at the DIET Training Centre, Mirza in Kamrup district, a
press release informed. …more…

Bongaigaon poultry farmers in
dire straits
BONGAIGAON, Feb 11 – Bird flue scare and enforced ban on sale of imported
chickens and eggs have led to a crisis situation for the poultry farmers and
sellers in Bongaigaon.
Though the avian epidemic has not hit the district, the District Veterinary
Department has already adopted preventive measures to check the spread of the
menace. Hence, the department has constituted nine Rapid Response Teams to keep
vigil and act as per the demand of the situation. The District Veterinary
Department has sent blood samples of some chickens and ducks suspecting the
infection of avian flu on January 27. But no positive result was found. It has,
thus, removed the fear of such disease.

Poultry ban likely to be lifted
in State(AST_19_2_K8)

GUWAHATI, Feb 18 – A high-level expert committee meeting involving
the representatives of the State Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department and
a host of other related departments today formally recommended the lifting of
poultry import ban in Assam, with the final notification likely to be issued in
two days. Moreover, the committee has also vouched for the formulation of a
special developmental scheme, which would aim at compensating the loss incurred
by the farmers of the poultry industry in the State after the government ordered
culling of birds as a precautionary measure.

State lauded for implementing
bio-fertiliser schemes
GUWAHATI, Feb 18 – The role of the State in implementing the bio-fertiliser
schemes has been lauded by several quarters, including the Central Government.

This became evident today at the North East Zonal Conference For Kharif. Joint
Secretary, Integrated Nutrient Management of the Union Government Satish Chander
expressed the hope while addressing the conference that Assam would be able to
lead the NE States in this area.

Small tea growers urged to
adopt innovative farming methods
UDALGURI, Feb 18 – “The small tea growers should adopt organic
farming for better output. They should install vermicompost plants in their own
tea gardens and use it for quality production of tea,” said by Rihon Daimari,
State PHE Minister while addressing a mammoth gathering at No 4 Amjuli, where
the open session of the third annual conference of All Bodoland Small Tea
Growers’ Association was held.

Bamboo suppliers’ meet(AST_19_2_K8)
From Our Correspondent
 BAIHATA CHARIALI, Feb 18 – Under the aegis of North Kamrup Bamboo Suppliers’
Association (NKBSA), a meeting of lower Assam bamboo suppliers was held recently
on the premises of the office NKBSA at Baihata Chariali.

State lifts ban on poultry
imports(AST, 21-2-08)

GUWAHATI, Feb 20 – The State Government has lifted the ban on the
import of poultry and poultry products from the rest of the country, barring
West Bengal. The Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Commissioner and Secretary
Shyam Lal Mewara signed the order to this effect yesterday. The State Government
imposed the ban on the import of poultry and poultry products from the rest of
the country through two orders on January 18 and 22 last, following outbreak of
the dreaded bird flu in West Bengal and its spread to some of the North Indian
states. The term poultry products include poultry feed and feed ingredients,
besides egg. …more…

Training on milch cow rearing(AST_23-2-08)
MIRZA, Feb 22 – A training programme on rural development through
scientific rearing of milch cow was held recently here at Bijoynagar. The NABARD-sponsored
programme organised by Man & Wild, an NGO was inaugurated by I Padbidri,
assistant general manager, NABARD.
Laying stress on the need of rural development through scientific methods,
Padbidri reiterated the commitment of NABARD to develop rural economy by
different income generating sources.

‘Medicinal plant-based
industries have growth prospects in State’
From A Correspondent
 NAZIRA,Feb 22 – “In Assam, there are a lot of medicinal plants. People can
utilize the medicinal values of the plants for several human needs through
production of herbal medecine from such plants. For this purpose one can adopt
commercial farming and set up plant-based small industries in the State. The
growth prospects of such industries in the State are high due to availability of
raw materials. Moreover, such industries could be set up with relatively limited
funds which would also help engage the rural youths in gainful employment,” said
Dr Rabin Kumar Sharma, Deputy Director of Northeast Institutes of Science and
Technology (NEIST), formerly Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Jorhat.

 Tall plans to make NE bamboo a
major source of revenue
GUWAHATI, Feb 22 – The tallest grass in the world could well become
an unexpected revenue source in the Northeast if an ambitious plan makes
headway. The National Bamboo Mission (NBM) has envisaged a scheme that would
allow bamboo plantations to become part of a global carbon credit mechanism.

Training programme for master
GUWAHATI, Feb 4 – To accelerate information technology in the agriculture
sector for the welfare of the farming community, the State Agriculture
department in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
under the Union Ministry of Agriculture has come up with a mission mode project
for implementation of Agriculture Informatics and Communication Network (Agrisnet),
a press release said. …more…

Farmers Club inaugurated(AST_6_2_K8)
GORESWAR, Feb 5 – The newly-formed Patidarrang Farmers Club was
inaugurated by Kailash Sarma, senior manager, Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB),
Guwahati Regional Office, at a public meet held recently at Jatiyabhangara Bazar
under the aegis of the AGVB, Muktapur branch in Kamrup district.

‘Agri sector needs to grow at
over 2 pc’
GUWAHATI, Feb 6 – The State Government has chalked out elaborate plans to
educate the farmers and persons involved in allied sectors about the
post-harvest handling of the produce, value addition and processing through the
horticulture show to be started from February 10.
State Minister for Agriculture, WPT and BC, Pramila Rani Brahma, addressing a
press meet today, emphasized on the awareness among the farmers, including the
marginalized ones, for the overall development of agriculture in the State.

IPM braces to fight outbreak of
plant diseases at experimental farms (IFP, 24-2-08)

IMPHAL, Feb 22: Responding quickly to the complaints of
the farmers the Integrated Pest Management, IPM team today found potatoes in the
fields at Ishikha in Imphal east affected by disease and the pea leaves turning
Investigation at the field by the IPM team today suggested that the potatoes
were infected with leaf-blight disease caused by caterpillars and the peas being
dwarfed and leaves becoming reddish which is very common if there is excessive
rain during the growing period.

Agri dept to promote compost pits for farmers (IFP, 24-2-08)

23: Feeling the need for improving soil health which has sharply deteriorated in
the state due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the state agriculture
department designed a new method for preparation of bio-fertilizers by the
farmer making bio composite pits near their field.
Agriculture scientists and experts of the state agriculture department, mention
may be made, have been worried by the fast increasing acidity rate and
decreasing fertility of soil in the state owing to the excessive and
uncontrolled application of fertilizers in the cultivating lands and unchecked
use of pesticides to control pests for a long time.

Prawn farming programme



A two-day training programme on "giant freshwater prawn farming", organized by
the Department of Fisheries and Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE)
Mumbai got underway here at Training Centre, Brooders Fish Farms, Half Nagarjan,
Dimapur on Friday. …more…


refreshers course on biotech(NPT, 19-2-08)

The inaugural function of the refreshers course on Biotechnological intervention
for augmenting animal production and health with special reference to Mithun was
held at Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Complex, Jharnapani,
Medziphema on Monday. …more…


in Domurdolong TE on
DIBRUGARH, Feb 6 – Even as the suspension of all works in the Assam
Company’s Domurdolong tea estate in Sivasagar district entered the eleventh day
on Tuesday after the attack on two managerial staff on January 25, the concerned
authorities have not expressed their desire to call off the lock out as yet.
Neither the Labour department nor the district administration has been able to
broker peace between the workers and the management of the tea garden. The
workers in collaboration with the members of the Assam Tea Tribes Students’
Association (ATTSA) had roughed up two managerial staff of Domurdolong besides
vandalizing manager’s office for alleged misuse of worker’s pay on the eve of
Republic Day. …more…

 Avian flu scare hits poultry
farmers hard
MIRZA, Feb 8 – The problem faced by the poultry industry across the
State after the outbreak of bird flu virus in the neighbouring state of West
Bengal has come as a blessing in disguise for the vendors of mutton along with
chickens of local variety.
Though no case of the dreaded virus has so far been reported from any part of
the state including Kamrup district, the scare has dealt a body blow to the
poultry farmers with both the wholesale and retail price nosediving from Rs 80
to 40. …more…

Blight hits tomato crop;
thousands of farmers affected(AST_28_2_k8)
BARPETA, Feb 27 – The farmers in the district of Barpeta who
cultivate tomato are facing an ominous future as their farms are being destroyed
by the dreadly disease blight. As one goes along the Barpeta Bansbari road
thousands of bighas of tomato cultivation would be seen rotting on the ground.
As a result, the farmers who mainly depend on this vegetable are living their
lives apprehending starvation. On the other hand the Agriculture department is
totally indifferent to the plight of the beleaguered farmers.

‘Asom farmers unable to compete
with farmers from other States’(SEN_28_2_k8)
Auction centres, computer training, marketing terminus, motor boat service for

TINSUKIA, Feb 27: In a bid to improve the agricultural production in
Asom, the Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board (ASAMB) has adopted a few
resolutions. The Board also aims to help the farmers get the right prices for
their products. In this connection, the Board has been mulling over the setting
up of a few auction markets.


cultivation a boon to Asom farmers


GUWAHATI, Feb 27 : Maize cultivation during rabi season (September –
June) is not a common practice in Asom. But few progressive farmers of Asom,
especially in Darrang district, has started its cultivation very successfully
and bringing a ray of hope to the remaining farmers of the State.
Recently, Agricultural Production Commissioner J P Meena, IAS and Director of
Agriculture, Asom,Dr. Prasanta Kalita had visited the rabi maize growing areas
of Darrang district, along with local agricultural officials and interacted with
the farmers, a press release states.


Coffee growers

MOKOKCHUNG: The Coffee Laison Officer in order to
help the coffee growers of Nagaland and transport the cured coffee to Bangalore
for disposal, has informed that suitable arrangements have been made to cure the
coffee at APCDC Ltd , Lokhora Guwahati. Further, he requested all coffee growers
of Nagaland to harvest their coffee and dry it to the required moisture level
and deliver to the seasonal based coffee go-down at Dimapur, V.K. Town and
office of the senior liaison officer, coffee board, Mokokchung from march 1 to
April 4 from 11 am to 3 pm.


Goods made
of banana fibre to hit domestic market soon
GUWAHATI, Feb 19 – The plantain fibre of the North East, well
complemented by the fine skill of the artisans here, is set to change the fate
of the banana farmers.
After wooing the outfit markets in Japan, goods made of banana fibres will be
the in-thing in the domestic market here, if efforts of the State agriculture
department bear fruits.  …more…

Herbal mosquito repellent
NAZIRA,Feb 19 – A group of scientists of the North-East Institute of
Science and Technology (NEISC), formerly known as Regional Research Laboratory (RRL),
Jorhat, has prepared a safe mosquito repellent in the form of Agarbatti or
incense sticks from a harmless bio-product.

IPM braces to fight outbreak of
plant diseases at experimental farms


IMPHAL, Feb 22: Responding quickly to the complaints of the farmers the
Integrated Pest Management, IPM team today found potatoes in the fields at
Ishikha in Imphal east affected by disease and the pea leaves turning reddish.

Investigation at the field by the IPM team today suggested that the potatoes
were infected with leaf-blight disease caused by caterpillars and the peas being
dwarfed and leaves becoming reddish which is very common if there is excessive
rain during the growing period.

Aquaculture prog opens

IMPHAL, Feb 19: A five-day Integrated Aquaculture Training
Programme was opened today at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Central Agricultural
University, Andro.
In his address as chief guest, Manipur Assembly Deputy Speaker Th Shyam Kumar
Singh said that it has become a trend in Manipur to add scientific method and
outlook to agriculture and fish farming. Now, farmers can run their bussiness
without depending upon the Government, he added. On that note, he expressed hope
that a change is certain in the near future. Shyam Kumar expressed thanks to all
concerned for running a KVK at Andro.


date for coconut farmers extended
 GUWAHATI, Feb 1 – The Coconut Development Board has extended the
last date for receiving nomination for the best coconut farmer award from
December 31, 2007 to February 15, 2008, a press release said.
The nomination for the award has to be received by the Director of Horticulture,
Agriculture from the local agriculture officer or other sponsoring agencies like
research institutes or state agriculture universities. The best three farmers in
each state will be selected by committee nominated by the state department as
per the norms of the board and sent to the board on or before March 15, 2008.
The panels received from various states will be considered for final selection
at the national level. …more…

After recovery of dead wild
birds, vety dept on bird flu alert (IFP_2_2_k8)

IMPHAL, Jan 31:The state veterinary and animal
husbandry services have gone on the alert following reports of unnatural deaths
of wild birds during the last few days in the vicinity of Maharabi village,
under Sekmai police station in Imphal west district.
As per official reports, at least eight local and migratory wild birds have been
found dead at Maharabi village in the past three days. Out of this three dead
birds have been collected by a veterinary department team yesterday and today.

Culling operation in State

GUWAHATI, Feb 15 – The State Animal Husbandry and Veterinary
Department’s preventive culling of poultry in Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts has
come to an end with the completion of the moping process to give the finishing
touch to the operations coming to conclusion on February 13. So far, there has
been no report of outbreak of the dreaded bird flue from any part of the State.
Disclosing this here today, sources in the Department told this newspaper that
culling operations have turned the five km area along the State’s border with
West Bengal in these two districts into a poultry free zone.

Lockout lifted
 DIBRUGARH, Feb 15: The Domurdolong tea estate in Sivasagar district
reopened today and all garden activities functioned normally after the
management withdrew the suspension. – Staff Correspondent. Nicholas Farrelly, a
research scholar of Australia echoed his view.

Bleak future awaits Kampur Cooperative Sugar Mill
From Our Correspondent
 KAMPUR, Feb 15 – Like all other co-operative ventures in Assam, the Kampur
Sugar Mill is also languishing due to gross negligence on the part of the
authority concerned and its end seems to be not far away. This clearly bears
testimony to the fact that the co-operative movement has remained unsuccessful
in Assam even after six decades of independence became the general public are
not properly trained up to undertake co-operative enterprises and because the
government machineries are not properly trained to streamline co-operative
movement in Assam. …more…

Manipur lifts ban on poultry
IMPHAL, Feb 15 – The Manipur Government today lifted the ban on import of
chicken and other poultry products from other States following the completion of
control and containment measures of bird flu in West Bengal, official sources
Sources said an official notification to this effect was issued by Manipur Chief
Secretary Jarnail Singh. …more…

Cultivation training on Naga

MEDZIPHEMA VILLAGE: For the first time Naga King Chilly has been
introduced to commercial scale this year and the Government of India has
recognized King chili as a crop in the Northeastern states. Nagaland can now
boast of its King Chilly as an indigenous product with its hotness measuring
11.41 lakh Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) more than the Bhut Jolokia of Assam. This
research was recently conducted by the Central Food Technological Research
Institute, Mysore. …more…

painter returns to roots(TEL_16_2_k8)

– Allen
revisits childhood in Assam garden


Guwahati, Feb. 15: A British painter is trying to
revisit his childhood at Dhoolie tea estate at Titabor in Jorhat
district. Bruce Allen had spent seven years of his boyhood at the estate where
his father Peter worked as a manager in the pre-Independence days 52 years ago..
Tomorrow, he will hold an exhibition of photographs of his days at the garden of
the estate clicked by his mother Sue. He is back to his roots after shooting
pictures that he wants to put on display at an exhibition at the Empire and
Commonwealth Museum in London next year.

Tea bosses
back in a huddle(TEL_16_2_k8)

Dibrugarh, Feb.15: Captains of the tea industry will
assemble at the Planters’ Club in Chaulkhowa tomorrow for the 118th annual
general meeting of the Assam Branch of the Indian Tea Association.Quality of
production will be the main topic of discussion at the meeting. Abita is the
dominant tea association of Assam, having around 350 member gardens across the
Brahmaputra Valley. …more…

Villagers urge for

IMPHAL, Feb 2: Villagers whose crops like orange,
lemon etc were affected while making a helipad at Thangal village under Nungba
sub-division for the Prime Minister’s visit there in November 2006 have urged
upon the Government to provide compensation for the crops destroyed.

Training programme(SEX_3_2_k8)

IMPHAL, Feb 2: A fisheries training and demonstration programme for 10 days was
held at Poiroukhongjin Co-mmunity Hall from January 19 to 28. Sponsorship by
National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt
of India, the training programme was organised by the Allied Sciences and Social
Development Orga-nisation, Poiroukhongjin.

Chicken industry affected the
worst (SEN_4_2_k8)
1,500 chicken were culled in Asom districts bordering West Bengal today by ten
rapid response teams (RRTs) that have been pressed into service. Each RRT
comprises ten people. The culling operation first began at Ramraikuti village in
the morning, and continued in villages like Satrasal, Talli Part-I and Part-II,
Paborsora etc.

10-day fishery training held
TEZPUR, Feb 3 : The National Fishery
Development Board (NFDB) of Hyderabad has sponsored 10-day fishery training
programmes to 38 youths of the Sonitpur district jointly in collaboration with
Central Institute of Fishery Education Mumbai and Rangapara Development Circle
here, recently.

Culling continues; price rise hits
people (SEN_5_2_k8)

KOKRAJHAR/GUWAHATI, Feb 4: Culling of chicken
and ducks is going on in full swing in Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts for the
second day today. In Kokrajhar district, around 1,500 chicken were culled till
5.30 pm today.
According to Kokrajhar subdivisional administration sources, three rapid
response teams (RRTs) have been carrying out the culling operation at Srirampur,
Simultapu, Dawaguri, Dongfangbari and other areas in the district.


Labour dispute at Doomur Dullong
Tea Estate(SEN_5_2_k8)
DIBRUGARH, Feb 4: Efforts are on to break
the stalemate at Doomur Dullong Tea Estate. The management had declared a
lock-out of the tea estate from January 28 when irate workers of the estate
assaulted the manager and two assistant managers of the tea garden on January
25. The workers’ union and other organizations are trying to settle the matter
amicably in the greater interest of the tea estate as well as the workers and
hopes hoped that within this week a settlement would be arrived at.


ACMS unit president assaulted by
tea estate workers»(SEN_12_2_k8)

DIBRUGARH, Feb 11: Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha
(ACMS), Moran branch, president Lakheswar Tanti was assaulted by a section of
irate workers of Doomur Dullung Tea Estate who had assembled at the Moran branch
office of ACMS today to press for their genuine demands.


One to one with TSE(SEX_12_2_k8)
Fish jetties set up at Loktak opened(SEX_12_2_k8)

IMPHAL, Feb 11: Two fish jetties constructed
at an estimated cost of Rs 31 lakhs with funding from NABARD have been
respectively inaugurated at Takmupat and Ithingpat of Loktak lake
today.Fisheries Minister M Allauddin Khan inaugurated the two fish jetties in
the presence of local MLA T Mangibabu.Talking to The Sangai Express exclusively
in connection with the NABARD- funded project, Fisheries Minister Md Allauddin
Khan recalled that the project was sanctioned in 2005 and construction work
began in 2006-07 with MANIDCO as the work agency.


Poultry farmers urge govt to allay

GUWAHATI, Feb 12 – The All Assam Poultry Farmers’ Association (AAPFA)
today said that the State Government should come forward and help in allaying
the unfounded fears regarding bird flu. The AAPFA, confirmed that over 50
thousand poultry farms in the State are facing huge financial loss because of
the Government ban.
“As the Government has banned the entry of poultry and poultry products from
West Bengal and so far no unusual death of chickens has been reported in the
State, we do not think there is any harm in the consumption of local poultry
products,” Rajib Sarmah, …more…

Farmers to be introduced to
GUWAHATI, Feb 12 – In a bid to enhance water management as well as to
tide over the dry spell, the Directorate of Horticulture and Food Processing,
Government of Assam, is going to introduce farmers of the State to Raindrops,
the water retaining granules very soon.
According to officials of the department, the technology brought for the first
time to the State would greatly benefit the farmers by ensuring improved plant
growth and cutting the cost of irrigation.

Flower show(AST_13_2_k8)
GUWAHATI, Feb 12 – The second annual flower show of Guwahati Refinery
will be held from February 15 to 17 at Sector-I of the Refinery township around
the lily pond.
Various competitions among employees and family members including garden
competition, ornamental and kitchen, potted plants, cut flowers and vegetables
etc will be held. Reputed nurseries from Guwahati and Sonapur are expected to
participate in the event.

Cashew farming paying rich
dividends for Mankachar farmers
GUWAHATI, Feb 12 – It’s not a nutty case, but nuts have actually ushered
in unbelievable changes in Mancachar in Dhubri district. The cashew has changed
the wheel of fortune in favour of those who have the patience and the
perseverance, for one has to wait for a couple of years to actually gather the
yields from cashew cultivation.

Foreign buyers eye NE

Dimapur, Feb 12: Roses of the Northeast has drawn
the attention of foreign nations with New Zealand and several Gulf countries
coming forward to buy roses from this region for the Valentine Day.

‘Lift ban on
poultry and poultry feed’


GUWAHATI, Feb 12: The All Assam Poultry Farmers’ Association (AAPFA) has
today sent an SOS to the State Government to rescue the poultry industry of Asom
from the current crisis due to, what it said, unnecessary panic over the
outbreak of avian flu in neighbouring West Bengal. The association, in a bid to
remove the panic of bird flu from the minds of the people, has produced a
veterinary expert before the press to convince that the State is free from the
H5N1 virus so far. …more…

IMPHAL, Feb 12: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
(NABARD) conferred the National Award to 25 Best Performing Farmers’ Clubs from
all over the country with the prize distribution ceremony held on Feb 8 at the
Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi.

Tea planter dies in Delhi(AST_14_2_k8)
GUWAHATI, Feb 13 – Pranab Saikia, an eminent tea planter from Guwahati,
died at Delhi following a cardiac arrest. He was 49.

Herbs come handy for ailing
SHILLONG, Feb 13 – The medicinal powers of the herbs of Arunachal Pradesh
and Myanmar may not have any takers in the rest of the world, but the
battle-hard insurgents have discovered their benefits at the time of crisis.

Farmers’ open letter to CM(SEN_14_2_k8)
By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Feb 13: The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti, Asom (KMSSA), in an open
letter to Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today has sought his intervention in the
PDS scam that allegedly took place in the three districts of Asom, including
Golaghat, to ensure punishment of the kingpins of these large-scale financial
anomalies. The KMSSA has also demanded for a CBI inquiry into the scam and
threatened to start a people’s movement throughout the State, if no action is
taken in this regard by the end of this month.

Battle for ginger trade in
Mizoram continues
AIZAWL, Feb 14 – The Engineers India Research Institute, the company with
which the Mizoram Government has signed an agreement to take over the ginger
trade, has again raised the rate of ginger on Saturday from Rs 8.50 to Rs 9.10
per kg in their bid to secure the trade.
Meanwhile,, the Mizoram Acgricultural Crops Growers and Marketing Society
(MACGAMS) is set to purchase ginger at Rs 9.25 per kg at the Vairengte ginger
gate as soon as they sign an agreement with MAMCO, a company run by the
government. …more…

Assam to better tea quality

plans to ban new bought leaf factories(TEL15_2_K8)

Guwahati, Feb. 14: The Assam government will soon impose
a ban on setting up of new “bought-leaf factories” as an immediate measure to
control production of poor quality tea. The term “bought-leaf factories” denote
standalone units that process tea with leaf procured mainly from small growers.
These factories allegedly do not care for quality and sell their produce outside
the state. …more…

operation in State ends(AST_16_2_k8)

GUWAHATI, Feb 15 – The State Animal Husbandry and Veterinary
Department’s preventive culling of poultry in Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts has
come to an end with the completion of the moping process to give the finishing
touch to the operations coming to conclusion on February 13. So far, there has
been no report of outbreak of the dreaded bird flue from any part of the State.

State bags first prize in NE
Regional Horticulture Show(SXP, 17-2-08)

GANGTOK, February 16:
Having bagged the first prize in the Northeast Regional Horticulture Show
held in Guwahati from February 10-14, this year, the State Horticulture and Cash
Crops Development Department has added one more blossom to its bountiful
harvest. …more…

import to resume soon(AST_18_2_k8)

GUWAHATI, Feb 17 – In what could bring in some good news for the
languishing poultry industry in the State, the ban on poultry import in Assam is
likely to be lifted in the next few weeks. The decision on the ban would be
reviewed at a high-level meeting tomorrow.
Sources in the State Veterinary and Animal Husbandry department told The
Assam Tribune
that the officials of the department along with the officials
of a host of related departments would meet to review the ban order tomorrow.

 ‘Transport subsidy for tea
industries under study’
 SILCHAR, Feb 17 – Santosh Mohan Dev, Union Minister for Heavy Industries
and Public Enterprises, has said that transport subsidy to tea industries is
under active consideration of the Central Government, an official release said.

Cultivation training on Naga

DIMAPUR: The Department of Horticulture in collaboration with ITC Ltd,
Spices Division has organized a one day training on various cultivation aspects
of Naga king chilli with special reference to post harvest and marketing.

New bamboo unit to come up
in Karbi Anglong (SEN_23_2_k8)
From our Correspondent
JORHAT, Feb 22: Once considered the poor man’s timber, bamboo is fast emerging
as a viable alternative for wood in furniture-making. To cash in on the exotic
and diversified uses to which the monocot has been put in countries like China,
the State Forest Department is doing spadework for setting up a unit to
manufacture medium-density bamboo fibre boards in Karbi Anglong district.

Broom farmers doing brisk
business(AST, 24-2-08)
From Kishore Talukdar
 RANI, Feb 23 – The hilly areas bordering Meghalaya have sprung into life with
the broom farmers doing a roaring trade by supplying truck loads of brooms
locally known as phul jaru to different parts of the State. Used for sweeping
floor on all occasions, this particular grass grows in the hilly terrain here in
the tribal dominated areas Kanthampaham, Amring, Umsalani, Kalang, Dekapathar
and it has earned Rani fame as stream of traders are witnessed making a bee line
for buying this natural gift.

Poultry sector regaining
lost market after lifting of ban(AST, 25-2-08)
GUWAHATI, Feb 24 – Heaving a sigh of relief after the prolonged bird
flu scare in the State, the All Assam Poultry Farmers’ Association (AAPFA) has
divulged that the poultry industry in the State has managed to regain the lost
market up to at least 60 per cent ever since the ban on the import of poultry
products was lifted, excluding the West Bengal origin products.
The association further informed that as the sale is going higher with every
passing day, the prices of the poultry products, especially livestock would go
up, thanks to the limited stocks of birds and other poultry products in the
market. …more…

 Agri dept to promote compost
pits for farmers (IFP_25_2_k8)

IMPHAL, Feb 23: Feeling the need for improving soil health which has sharply
deteriorated in the state due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers, the
state agriculture department designed a new method for preparation of
bio-fertilizers by the farmer making bio composite pits near their field.
Agriculture scientists and experts of the state agriculture department, mention
may be made, have been worried by the fast increasing acidity rate and
decreasing fertility of soil in the state owing to the excessive and
uncontrolled application of fertilizers in the cultivating lands and unchecked
use of pesticides to control pests for a long time.

Clear-cut policy on agar trade
HOJAI, Feb 25 – The healthy relations between Assam agar wood traders,
Agar Oil Manufacturers’ Association and the State government that developed
after a long cold war with the present regime seems to be on the verge of
deterioration as the traders are disgusted over the indifferent attitude of the
government in implementation of a clear-cut policy concerning agar wood and agar
oil business. …more…

Aquaculture training prog opened


IMPHAL, Feb 25: A five-day fisheries training and demonstration programme
on Fish Health Management in Aquaculture was opened today at Thoubal district
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Wangbal. Thoubal district Zilla Parishad Adhakshya Md
Abdul Latif and KVK Thoubal Programme Co-ordinator Dr O Nobo Singh graced the
function as chief guest and president respectively.

on food, nutrition

IMPHAL, Feb 25: Extension Activities Cell of Manipur College
conducted today a one-day extension programme on Food and Nutrition at Temple of
Learning, Canchipur. Dr S Giri and Dr L Jairaj spoke as resource persons.

Awareness prog
IMPHAL, Feb 25: Rural Area Society under aegis of NABARD organised
today a one-day awareness programme on ciltivation of medicinal plant was
organised at Bless Academy, Tera Bazar.

intensified research trial at Bogorioni(AST_27_2_k8)
DERGAON, Feb 26 – A Seed Intensified Research (SIR) trial on farmer’s
field was held at Bogorioni under Dergaon Revenue Circle on February 18.
The programme was held under the aegis of North East Centre for Rural Livelihood
Research, an NGO headquartered at Dergaon, with the help of ‘National Gramin
Vikash Nidhi’ (NGVN). …more…

Foundation of rubber processing
unit laid(AST_27_2_k8)
DHUBRI, Feb 26 – Many self-help groups (SHG) of Dhubri district have
undertaken rubber cultivation as their main profession. In Chapar area itself as
many as nine SHGs are growing rubber plants, besides some individual farmers are
engaged in rubber cultivation. The raw materials produced by these rubber
cultivators are to depend on some private rubber processing units, which become
expensive for the cultivators.



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