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Environment, January 2008

Posted by buraluit on April 30, 2009

Rodent fear in Manipur

fear in Manipur(TEL, 16-1-k8)

Jan. 15:
The scourge of
Mizoram has travelled to Manipur. Rodents are destroying acres and acres of
paddy field in Churachandpur, raising fears of an impending famine.   With most
their year’s crop destroyed by rampaging rats, the villagers have sent an SOS to
the state government for help. Take John Hmar, for instance. John harvests 35
bags of paddy annually from his farm on the hill slopes. This year, he reaped
only 10 bags, after rodents devastated his farmland. With three children and old
parents, John does not know how to make the crop last till the next harvesting
season. …..more….


awaits Dispur nod(TEL, 17-1-k8)

Jan. 16:
A double delight
awaits those crazy about wheels this year. If it is the Nano in the four-wheeler
sector, then it will be the Rhino in the two-wheeler segment. Both are eyeing a
third quarter launch. In fact, the Rhi-no’s final prototype will be sent to
Guwahati next week to seek Dispur’s approval. Manufacturers of the bike today
said the prototypes of the 125cc and 150cc bikes have been sent to the
Automobile Research Authority of India, Pune, for their clearance under the
Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and that they plan a grand launch just after
the Nano. …..more….


help plant seeds of afforestation(TEL, 18-1-08)

Jan. 16:
At a time when people elsewhere are cutting down forests regardless of the
perils of global warming, residents of Saragaon village in Kokrajhar have chosen
to be different. The villagers, under the banner of the Rwdwmsri Foundation,
have helped the social forestry department plant trees in a 55-hectare area on
the banks of the Sarmanga, which flows by the village. …..more….


mining pollutes river(TEL, 17-1-k8)

Jan. 16:
The D.D. Lapang
government and the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council are being pressured
to initiate measures to check pollution in the Lukha in the Jaintia Hills. In
the first week of January, the river changed colour and a few fishes died
because of the rampant coal and limestone mining in the Lumshnong area adjacent
to the river. …..more….


campaign goes global(TEL, 19-1-k8)

Shillong, Jan. 18:
He is four personalities rolled into one — caver, bonsai cultivator, wine-maker
and poet — but Shillong resident Brian D. Kharpran would rather be remembered as
someone who dedicated a lifetime to saving the unique caves of Meghalaya. Come
February 3, Brian will give his campaign a global touch. He will guide over 50
adventurers from eight countries, including the UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria,
Switzerland, Denmark and Canada, on a journey that will be as much about
discovering the mysteries of the caves in the Jaintia hills as about raising
awareness on the threat to their existence…..more…..

turns green saviour(TEL,11-1-k8)

Jan. 10:
Every time Rahimuddin Hussain led the “saw brigade” into the depths of Doboka
reserve forest, the timber sharks readied for good business. A month in jail and
an awareness programme with the forest department changed all that. A reformed
man, 30-year-old Hussain now leads a group of 119 families from Nahorgaon who
have been trying to restore the green cover. The village is on the fringe of the
reserve forest…..more….


block red timber (TEL,11-1-k8)

Sander wood consignment gets stuck
at last post


Jan. 10:
As many as 30
truckloads of red sander wood illegally made their way through six states before
being stopped at the last frontier — the Manipur township of Moreh, bordering
Myanmar. The entire consignment would probably have been smuggled out to China
via Myanmar a few days ago had Assam Rifles personnel not detained it and asked
the civil administration to verify the validity of the documents the drivers
were carrying. …..more….


pays for elephant attack(TEL, 12-1-k8)

Guwahati, Jan. 11:
A beat officer of
National Park was critically injured and a bleeding guard spent the entire night
tied to a tree after villagers incensed by a woman’s death in an elephant attack
chose to vent their anger on forest staff. Beat officer Debanga Bhusan Das and
his men were least expecting the usually friendly residents of Neejgarpal,
located on the fringes of the national park, to react so violently when they
went to the village to help chase away an elephant herd that had strayed into
the area. …..more….

Report indicates increased

Jan. 10:
Known as the
Scotland of the East, Shillong has lost its pristine charm. Air and water
pollution is the order of the day, creating health hazards. A report on the
impact of water and air pollution on the quality of life of Shillong released by
chief minister D.D. Lapang today indicated that there was an urgent need for a
cleaner environment. The report was a compilation of a scientific workshop on
Air and Water Quality of Shillong held in October last year. At the workshop,
experts discussed that air pollution in Meghalaya was a major problem despite
the efforts made by state agencies to curb pollution. …..more….


Loktak downstream project to be restudied (SEX_14_1_k8)

 IMPHAL, Jan 13: Even if the
environmental survey/survey of the 66 megawatt capacity Loktak Downstream
Project to be taken up as a joint venture of Government of Manipur and NHPC had
been completed five years back, the environ-mental study of the project is to be
taken up afresh. Meanwhile, the State Government has proposed to the DoNER
Ministry for providing requisite amount of fund of its matching share of the
Project to the tune of Rs 100 crores from the NLCPR.


awareness campaign(SEX_15_1_k8)

IMPHAL, Jan 14: In addition to organising an awareness
campaign on protection of wildlife and bird flu today at Phubala under the aegis
of the Deputy Conservator of Forest and Wildlife, Forest officials also
conducted a survey to find out if there was any case of unnatural death of
migratory birds taking shelter in the State. …..more….


IMPHAL, Jan 9: The Environmental Social Reforma- tion and Sangai
Protection Forum, Keibul Lamjao National Park would be con- ducting the
‘waterbird counting at Loktak lake and its associated wetlands’ on January 15.
In order to ensure the success of the exercise, the Forum would be organising a
two-day residential bird watching training…..more.

call for Mapithel Dam halt
 IMPHAL, Jan 19: In the
af-termath of IFC Minister N Biren’s reported assurance that a review committee
will be constituted in connec-tion with the Mapithel Dam being constructed as a
part of the Thoubal Multipur-pose Project, the Citizens’ Concerns for Dams and
De-velopment (CCDD) and the Mapithel Dam Affected Vil-lagers’ Organisation (MDAVO)
have demanded cessation of the ongoing construction work until the review
committee is set up.

Leaders camp on famine (SEX_26_1__k8)

 Lamka, Jan 25: A special conference on how to effectively combat the
ongoing will be held at Mualnuam village in Thanlon sub-division on the 28 and
29 January 2008 under the aegis of ZEPADA and MHJU. On the first night, moments
after Minister Power, T Phungzathang formally inaugurate the conference, DC/CCpur
Sumant Singh, Agriculture Dept, ZEPA-DA and MHJU will present the famine
situation with their own perspective. With those reports in hand, the leaders
will discuss on how to effectively combat the menace. …..more….

From dust to slush,
Imp wallows in muck and filth, Livid CM summons officials, contractors to seek
explanations for delay in work. (SEX_26_1__k8)

 IMPHAL, Jan 25 : With the streets in Imphal changing from dusty to
slushy, due to no small measure to the failure to meet the deadline of
completing the pipe laying exercise taken up by the PHED for the Imphal Sewerage
Project compounded by the January rain, a livid Chief Minister today summoned
the Works Minister, PHED Minister as well as officials of PHED and PWD and
contractors concerned to quiz them about the progress of the work taken up,
especially at Paona bazar area. The reaction of the Chief Minister gains
significance in the backdrop of the assurance given by him that the pipe laying
exercise at Paona bazar would be completed by January 15, during an inspection
drive conducted on December 31 last year. …..more….

Kaziranga management counters tea pesticide threat(TEL_ 2_1_k8)

Jan. 1:
The Assam forest
department is looking to acquire a portion of a Tata-owned tea estate near
Kaziranga National Park to save wildlife from straying into an area where they
are most likely exposed to killer pesticides. Animal carcasses have been found
amid the tea bushes in Rongagora division of Hathikuli tea estate, part of Tata
Tea’s North India Plantation Operations, in recent months. The decision to
acquire that part of the estate was taken after forest staff found the carcass
of a royal Bengal tiger cub on Saturday. …..more….


scarcity puts stray deer in peril(TEL_ 2_1_k8)

People for Animals to approach forest department to relocate herd (TEL_ 2_1_k8)

Jan. 1:
A herd of hog deer
has strayed into the city and is starving. One member of the herd was attacked
recently by a pet dog when it ventured into the kitchen of a resident in search
of food.  It was rescued by the People for Animals (PFA), which has since
decided to approach the forest department to relocate the herd. The chairperson
of the PFA’s Assam chapter, Sangeeta Goswami, said the herd of at least 15 to 20
hog deer seemed to have lost its way at Joypur in Kharguli. …..more….


Majuli safety hooked on homegrown plan(TEL_ 3_1_k8)

Villagers take up anti-erosion project (TEL_ 3_1_k8)

Jan. 2:
Twenty endangered
villages of Majuli have decided to devise their own anti-erosion project,
disillusioned by the government’s false promises and ineffectual schemes. About
a thousand villagers will fill gunny bags with sand and dump them along the bank
of the Brahmaputra to prevent the river from swallowing their homes. A committee
was formed recently to work out the anti-erosion plan, with the satradhikar
(priest) of Bhogpur satra, Duttadevo Goswami, as the adviser.  Work is
expected to begin within a few days, said Goswami. …..more….


to save reviled bats (TEL_ 3_1_k8)

Jan. 2:
Once as common as the sparrow and the crow in the villages and towns of south
Assam, bats have become rare in these parts because of rapid urbanisation over
the past few years. Three conservationists have now come together to save bats
from disappearing altogether from the region. In Brahmansasan village, the group
of three — Badal Roy, Rekharani Namasudra and Mukul Deshmukya — has arranged for
roosting of bats. The population of this much-reviled mammalian species, the
only one that can fly, has since swelled to over 700 in the village.


Railways to put gibbons back on track(TEL_ 4_1_k8)

Primates separated by rail route will be given overhead steel structures to

(TEL, 4-1-k8)

Guwahati, Jan.
3: A tribe of gibbons that was split into two by a rail track passing through
their habitat is to be reunited after several decades of separation by two steel
bridges designed to look like trees. Northeast Frontier Railway has decided to
build the two bridges over an 800-metre stretch of the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
in Jorhat district of Assam to compensate for the forced separation of the two
groups. …..more….


Elephants kill boy, mother(TEL_ 4_1_k8)

Jan. 3:
A herd of wild
Asiatic elephants trampled to death a woman and her son in a village in West
Garo Hills on Wednesday night, a wildlife official said today. The elephants
entered Darugre village in West Garo Hills on Wednesday night and destroyed
crops and several houses. …..more….


Expert opinion sought for rhino relocation(TEL_ 4_1_k8)

rhinos to be shifted next month from Pobitora to Manas to boost population

(TEL, 4-1-k8)

Guwahati, Jan.
3: The biggest rhino relocation project undertaken by the Assam government is
bringing experts around the world together. Under the project, four rhinos will
be shifted from Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary to Manas National Park.  The
relocation strategy envisages increasing the population of the endangered
one-horned rhino in Assam from 2,000 to 3,000 in the next 12 years. Chief
conservator of forest M.C. Malakar said experts in tranquillising the animals
would be brought from Royal Chitwan National Park in Nepal to tranquillise the
rhinos during the relocation process. …..more….


herd stalks Sootea(TEL, 5-1-08)

Villagers lose home and sleep Sonitpur(TEL_ 5_1_k8)

Jan. 4:
Putul Baruah and his
family haven’t slept a wink in the past 48 hours. Neither have Birbahadur Dorji,
Bolbahadur Karki, Ratan Das and Gyan Devi’s families. “You can sleep only when
you have a roof over your head,” Putul said today, the anguish in his voice
reflecting what he and the other villagers have had to endure since Wednesday.
All five families watched helplessly as a herd of elephants rampaged through
their paddy fields at Bokabeel near Sootea that night. The herd came calling
again last evening, this time targeting their houses. “We lost everything we
had. We are lucky to be alive,” Gyan Devi said. …..more….


in save-wildlife pledge(TEL_ 8_1_k8)

Jan. 7:
Tata Tea has
formed an eco-development committee in its estate adjoining Kaziranga National
Park to convince the forest department of its commitment to protecting wild
animals that stray into the plantation.  The forest department was planning to
acquire a part of Hathikuli tea estate to save wildlife from entering a zone
where they were thought to be exposed to killer pesticides and attacks by
humans. The estate came under the scanner after a Royal Bengal tiger cub died
there and another was found in a semi-conscious state. …..more….


Study mission yields museum(TEL_ 8_1_k8)

Jan. 7:
When a batch of anthropology students from a Dibrugarh college reached
Chakrashila recently for a study on ethnic culture, little did they know that it
would be one of the more fulfilling experiences of their lives. The research
mission not only gave them a peek into the tapestry of cultures in this part of
the region, but also paved the way for the establishment of a museum housing
traditional items of daily use at the Topoban Nature Interpretation Centre in
Jonagra. Encouraged by their teacher — the head of the anthropology department
of DHSK College, Moromi Talukdar — the students set out to explore the roots of
various communities living in the Bodoland area. Villagers living on the fringes
of the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary helped the group in the research project
by gifting items of daily use such as the arnoi (towel), kembong
(headgear) and pattani (men’s jacket). …..more….


Roadblock against quarrying(TEL_ 8_1_k8)

Jan. 7:
The residents of
Haokip Veng today squatted in an Imphal bylane, Mahabali Road, in protest
against extraction of sand from the bed of Imphal river. The residents, under
the banner of Women’s Action Committee, demanded an immediate halt to digging
and lifting of sand from the bed of the river, which runs close to chief
minister Okram Ibobi Singh’s office-cum-residence here. The Manipur government
has given contractors permission to extract sand and stones from the riverbed
during the dry season for use in construction. Haokip Veng quarry is one of the
most sought-after sources of construction materials. Local residents said more
than 200 truckloads of sand are extracted from the riverbed everyday.


Poachers kill rhino in Kaziranga(TEL_9_1_k8)

Guwahati, Jan. 8:

Poachers killed another
rhino at Kaziranga National Park’s Herberi nullah area under Bagori range last
This is the first
instance of a rhino falling to poachers’ bullets this year. Last year, 21 rhinos
were killed. The poachers, however, failed to take the horn.  Forest officials
said the carcass of the male rhino was recovered around noon today. Several
rounds of used .303 rifle cartridges were found near the carcass. …..more…..


Afforestation success story, only on paper(TEL_9_1_k8)

Jan. 8:
North Cachar Hills is an afforestation success story waiting to be emulated by
the rest of the state, albeit only on paper.  In reality, it is acres and acres
of dry grassland, with none of the forest cover that the afforestation project
reports mention. The hill district has an area of 1,890 square km, of which at
least 80 per cent is covered by forest, including three reserve forests. 
Another 393,276 hectares is non-agricultural barren land. …..more….


wields chilli weapon to ward off jumbos(TEL_10_1_k8)

teaches armed forces how to keep elephant herds at bay without Kalashnikovs

Guwahati, Jan.
9: The army is fighting its “largest” adversary yet with a weapon “hotter” than
the AK-47. Constantly harassed by wild elephants, the army is planting the
world’s hottest chilli in its camp adjoining the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in
Mariani to ward off straying herds. “Everything else has failed. We are hoping
that the Naga jolokia (Naga chillies) will do the trick,” a senior army
officer said. Elephants are known to detest the smell of the Naga jolokia
and the army hopes they will stay away once the plants grow. To add to the
sting, the army intends to smear chilly paste on the fence around the camp.


Rights glare on zoo safety(TEL_10_1_k8)

Jan. 9:
The Assam Human
Rights Commission today directed the chief conservator of forests (wildlife),
M.C. Malakar, to conduct an inquiry into safety measures at the Assam state zoo.
The rights panel’s move came in the wake of a complaint lodged by the family of
50-year-old Jayprakash Bezbaruah who died after being mauled by two Royal Bengal
tigers at the zoo on December 19. The victim’s brother-in-law Deep Bordoloi and
his elder brother Sarat Bezbaruah had blamed the zoo officials for lack of
safety measures. …..more….


of Loktak counted(SEX_16_1_k8)

IMPHAL, Jan 15: Counting of the migratory birds that
flocked to Loktak lake and Lamphelpat area during winter season was con- ducted
today. The whole exercise was conducted under the joint aegis of Environmental
So-cial Reformation and Sangai Protection Forum, Wild Life Wing of Forest and
Envi-ronment Department and Loktak Development Authority. …..more….


IMPHAL, Jan 18: A State level workshop cum training on
“Bio-Medical Wastes Management” would be organised by the Manipur Pollution
Control Board on January 23 at Hotel Imphal , informed an MPCB release.


Leaders camp on famine


Lamka, Jan 25: A special
conference on how to effectively combat the ongoing will be held at Mualnuam
village in Thanlon sub-division on the 28 and 29 January 2008 under the aegis of
ZEPADA and MHJU. On the first night, moments after Minister Power, T
Phungzathang formally inaugurate the conference, DC/CCpur Sumant Singh,
Agriculture Dept, ZEPA-DA and MHJU will present the famine situation with their
own perspective. With those reports in hand, the leaders will discuss on how to
effectively combat the menace. …..more….

organizes lectures on Bio-tech


With the objective of creating
awareness concerning the scope of bio-technology in the field of animal science
with special reference to Mithun, a series of populr lectures in bio-technology
was organized by the National Research Centre on Mithun (NRC-M), Indian Council
of Agricultural Reseasrch (ICAR) at Jharnapani, Medziphema on Friday. The
inaugural function was graced by Judson Rungsung, Principal of Patkai Christian
College (PCC) as the chief guest. Speaking at the occasion, Judson Rungsung said
that science as a subject was becoming more exciting wherein the students have
chances to carry on various kinds of experiments with the changing scenario.
Rungsung who elucidated in-depth on the treatment of animals by humans and
environmental concerns acknowledged that such programmes showed the concern for
animals in the present day.


Manipur reeling under cold
IMPHAL, Jan 14: The weather today remained very cold in Manipur with the
minimum temperature recorded at 4.1 degrees Celsius. Local Met sources said the
maximum temperature hovered at 23.1 degrees Celsius while the maximum relative
humidity was pegged at 83 per cent. (UNI)

Police station
attacked (SEN, 15-1-08)

IMPHAL, Jan 14: Suspected militants today swooped down on the Lamlai
Police Station in Imphal East district and fired indiscriminately. Police,
however, said no one was injured in the attack. The Lamlai subdivision
electricity department office, adjacent to the station, was also hit by bullets.
A massive operation was launched by additional forces to nab the ultras. It was
yet to known which group was responsible for the attack. (UNI)

Uruka spent in the
fear of foraging pachyderm
 JORHAT, Jan 16: The man-elephant conflict has assumed mammoth
proportions in areas surrounding Jorhat town with herds of wild elephants making
regular incursions in search of food. While last year it took Forest Department
personnel almost two months to chase away a herd of pachyderm but not before it
had caused widespread damage to crop and property. …..more….

Migratory birds
touch down at Loktak lake
IMPHAL, Jan 16: Migratory
birds have begun arriving at the Loktak lake in Manipur’s Bishenpur district.
“Every year a large number of migratory birds come to Manipur,” Forest officials
here said and added that for research purpose details are tied to the legs of
these birds so that their movement can be traced.


to help NE in collecting seismic data
By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Jan 18: The Centre will soon provide modern technology for collecting
meteorologic and seismic data to help the northeastern States, including Asom,
in facing natural calamities. This was stated by Union Minister of Science and
Technology Kapil Sibal while releasing the report on “seismic microzonation” of
Guwahati region at a function held at Srimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra here
today. …..more….

3 poachers
arrested in Chirang
 KOKRAJHAR, Jan 18: Three poachers along with arms and ammunition were
arrested by the joint team of the forest department, SSB and Ultapani
Biodiversity NGO in a raid at block No 3 inside Chirang reserve forest in
Kokrajhar district on Tuesday. Speaking to The Sentinel Ghanasyam Basumatry,
Range officer of the Ultapani range said that a joint team carried out an
operation against the timber smugglers at block No 3 under …..more…..

Rats dash
farmers’ last hope after famine in Mizoram
AIZAWL, Jan 18: The Mizoram
farmers’ hopes to boost their economy through rubber plantations have failed to
materialize after rodents, proliferated following the Mautam (bamboo flowering)
last year, gnawed away vast areas of the plantations. Amafamcos (a multi-purpose
cooperative society) had set up a nursery at Khamrang on Aizawl-Sairang-Silchar
road last year, where it has developed 50,000 saplings of RRIM-600, a hybrid
variety of rubber, imported from Malaysia.


Sikkim to assess its carbon credit for global support
GANGTOK, Jan 18: In a bid to
conserve the lush green forest cover and produce clean hydel power in the State,
the Sikkim government will assess the entire carbon credit earned by the State
so far. “We are seriously thinking to carry out assessment of the entire carbon
credit that we have earned in the process and put the entire clean development
mechanism we follow in carbon trading.


Chilly weather in Manipur
IMPHAL, Jan 18:
Manipur today continued to suffer from the biting chill with the minimum
temperature hovering at around 3.9 degrees Celsius.
Local Met sources said the maximum temperature was recorded at about 24.1
degrees Celsius.

into rhino killing, poaching
GUWAHATI, Jan 25: Chief
Minister Tarun Gogoi has today asked the Chief Secretary to constitute a one-man
inquiry committee headed by Principal Secretary PK Choudhury to inquire into the
reasons for the rise in incidents of poaching at the KNP and to make


Sewerage Project inspected(SEX_1_1_k8)

CM pays a visit to dug up roads in bazar areas
 IMPHAL, Dec 31 : Chief Minister O Ibobi today personally inspected
the work progress of the ongoing Imphal Sewerage Project and besides walking
through the bazar areas to get a first hand experience of trudging along the
dismembered and dug up roads, announced that the Government would soon pull down
all the high rise buildings (more than triple storey) in the commercial areas
and asked the owners to do the needful before the Government acts. …..more….

intensity quake hits Shillong

Shillong, Jan 1: An earthquake of moderate intensity hit the city early
today while the citizens were still in festive mood following the New Year
celebrations. Central Seismological Observatory (CSO) officials told UNI here
that the tremor, …..more….


Decks cleared for ‘overbridge’ to join gibbon families
 JORHAT, Jan 2: Decks are
being cleared for the construction of an ‘overbridge’ to facilitate the movement
of the families of hoolock gibbons on either side of a railway track at Gibbon
Wildlife Sanctuary in south Jorhat. The railway track near Meleng bifurcates the
sanctuary named after the endangered primate species.

erosion takes a critical turn
From our Correspondent
GORESWAR, Jan 2: Hundreds of people living near the embankments in Baksa
districts are passing sleepless nights losing their land due to the massive
erosion caused by the puthimari river. Apprehending that some of the vulnerable
points of the embankments may collapse at any moment, if the conditions of these
embankments are not repaired properly the 10,000 hectares of agriculture land
will be destroyed in the river. …..more….

Demonstration on
use of bhoot jolokiyas to chase away jumbos
 JORHAT, Jan 8: The bhoot jolokiya, acknowledged as the hottest chilli in
the world, may now act as an ‘elephant-repellant,’ too. The Jorhat Forest
Division enlisted the cooperation of a Guwahati-based trust for biodiversity
conservation, Ecosystems-India, for demonstration of the efficacy of the hot
chilli to chase away herds of marauding elephants in jumbo-infested areas here.
The demonstration, conducted by the staff of Ecosystems-India’s Assam Haathi
Project, took place at Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary on Monday. …..more….

report to be presented
SHILLONG, Jan 8: The OSD to the Government of Meghalaya, Programme
Implementation & Evaluation Department & Member Secretary, SDRC has informed
that the report and recommendations of the workshop on the “Impact of Air &
Water Pollution on Quality …..more….

No winter chill in Sikkim
this year
The State is also witnessing a threatening period of dry spell

GANGTOK, Jan 8: Even as northern parts of the country are
experiencing severe cold, the Himalayan State of Sikkim is far away from the
cold weather that usually prevails here. The temperatures in northern India was
dropping below zero due to Western Disturbances, a low-pressure system
originating in the Mediterranean Sea or the west Atlantic sliding past Iran and
western Pakistan to make their way into India ushering in winter with rain and
hailstorms. Winter in Sikkim usually begins in November with the onset of
Western Disturbances in the State and lasts till early March. …..more….

awards to flood-affected people
 DIPHU, Jan 9: A relief distribution ceremony was observed by the
Duarbagori Member of Autonomous Council (MAC) constituency at Dolamara
Rongmongve Development Block, in Dolamara Basa LP school. The meeting was
presided over by Roton Ingti, …..more….

sends SOS to Centre as MNF fails
AIZAWL, Jan 9: The Mizoram
Peoples Conference party today sought the Centres ‘effective intervention’ to
combat impending Mautam (bamboo flowering) famine because the incumbent Mizo
National Front has ‘failed’ to do so. “While the rest of India and the world
look forward to the New Year with glittering hope, the people of Mizoram are
sitting in a state of gloom after they had produced last year less than ten per
cent of their annual production of rice as a result of the phenomenal bamboo
flowering (Mautam) which disproportionately increased rodent population,” a
memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said.

Impending Mautam (bamboo
flowering) may bring about famine to the State of Mizoram
Overthrow MNF to rescue people from
poverty: Thanhawla

AIZAWL, Jan 9: Mizoram unit of the Congress chief Lal Thanhawla claimed
that the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) government in the State must be
overthrown to alleviate the poverty of the people and rescue them from the
Mautam famine. Addressing the party workers here yesterday, the former Chief
Minister said, “The Congress has to win the mandate in the next Assembly polls
and start practical operations immediately to rescue the people from the present
socio-economic crisis.”

glaciers in Sikkim awaiting further study
GANGTOK, Jan 9: Sikkim has 84 glaciers covering a total of 691.5
square kms with a snowfield area of 251.22 square kms, official data chronicled
through Remote Sensing system reveals. DG Shrestha, senior scientific officer
from Sikkim Science and Technology department said the department had mapped the
glaciers in collaboration with state forest department with technological
support from Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad. “We have mapped the glaciers
in Sikkim Himalaya with the data of 1997 provided from Remote Sensing
Satellite,” Shrestha told UNI. …..more….

experiences chilly weather
IMPHAL, Jan 9: The mercury today dipped further in Manipur making the
weather cold. Local Met sources said the minimum temperature recorded for the
day was about 2.5 degrees Celsius while the maximum was about 25 degrees
Celsius. The maximum relative humidity was pegged at about 81 per cent, the
sources added. (UNI)

PCBA serves
notice to errant nursing homes
 DIBRUGARH, Jan 10: Pollution Control Board of Assam (PCBA) chairman
Jawahar Lal Dutta has served a 7-day notice to M/s Damanis and Medicare, Ashtha,
Sristi, Sanjivini and JJ Memorial Nursing Home of Dibrugarh to take adequate
scientific measures for separation of biodegradable medical waste and its
disposal, failing, the PCBA will take action against all these nursing homes for
violation of the Biomedical Waste Handling and Management Rules, 1998, Dutta
stated. …..more….

dead from pollution caused by firecrackers: MPCB
10: The Mizoram State Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has stated that at least
five people in the city died of respiratory problems due to the pollution caused
by fireworks and crackers during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. MPCB
secretary Lalduhawma said the board had decided to conduct research and
subsequent awareness campaign on the ill effects of pollution by cause fireworks
and crackers on the health.
“Five people have died of respiratory problems within a week after New Year.



suggests judicious use of scientific mining practices
 SHILLONG, Jan 10: The State Development
Reforms Commission (SDRC) has suggested a judicious use of scientific mining
practices to the State Government by taking into consideration local-specific
needs for preservation of the environment by implementing ‘strip mining.’ The
suggestion was made by the commission in its report on the proceedings and
recommendations submitted to the State Government today.
The SDRC suggested that implementation of strip mining would offer safety in
mining without causing damage to the environment. Strip mining is a method
wherein mining is done from the top of the deposit, and going downward to ensure
higher percentage of recovery of the mineral, the commission said.



concerned over recovery of five cubs from Mizoram villagers
AIZAWL, Jan 10: The Mizoram unit People For Animals (PFA) has
expressed concern over the recovery of five cubs from villagers’ possession, who
claimed that their mother had failed to tend to them. The cubs were recovered
from a jhum by farmers in Sailulak village on January seven and the villagers
subsequently brought the cubs to Aizawl, to be kept under the care of the PFA.

Overaged sentinels
‘unfit’ to protect KNP
 JORHAT, Jan 11: The majority of the sentinels of Kaziranga National
Park (KNP) are no longer fit to shoulder the onerous responsibility of guarding
the abode of the rhino, spread over an area of 430 square km. The average age of
the forest guards at the park has been calculated to be above 50. Sources said
that the strenuous task of continuously patrolling the huge area is taking a
toll on the health of the security force. The KNP, designated a world heritage
site, recently added six ‘additions’ or an equal area to the 430 square km park.

PCBA directs
ONGC, OIL to submit quantification report
GUWAHATI, Jan 11: The Pollution Control
Board, Assam (PCBA), has directed the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)
authorities to identify the pits in Lakwa and Geleki, quantify oil sludge
properly and submit the report to the board within 15 days. The direction has
been issued by the Board following the recent visit of a high-level team of the
Board headed by its chairman JL Dutta to Lakwa and Geleki.

Wild bulls on
stage; district adminstartion on alert
 MANGALDAI, Jan 13: The tradition of buffalo fights during the
festive season, which once enjoyed the royal patronage of Ahom kings, seems to
wane in the State as the younger generation are not all that interested in this
old practise. The bull fights which can be compared to the Spanish traditions of
bull fights is on the verge of extinction and now confined only to Ahatguri in
Nagaon district. To bring back the glory days of this ancient tradition , a herd
of bulls made their appearance on a paddy field at Puria on National Highway 52.
But instead of the traditional fight taking place, the bulls were seen resting
in the paddy field throughout the day. …..more


Pachyderm create havoc
 Jorhat, Jan 13: A herd of wild elephants destroyed houses and ravaged
farming plots at Purana Sapekhati Gaon in north-west Jorhat on January 11.
Sources say that villagers were forced to take sheltering the namghar the whole
night and could return home only early in the morning when the herd of elephants
crossed the Brahmaputra after leaving the village. …..more….

CEP concerned
over jhum burning
AIZAWL, Jan 13: Concerned over extensive
destruction of biological resources in jhum burning, Aizawl-based Centre for
Environment Protection has urged the State Government to take up stringent
measures to contain damage as a total abolition of jhumming was impossible. In a
statement here today, CEP urged the government order all village councils to
enforce Mizoram Prevention and Control of Fire in the Village Ram Rules, 1983
and Lushai Hills District (Jhumming) Regulations, 1954, after necessary

Himalayan bear strays into human habitation
Himalayan bear drinks chaang, a local fermented millet beverage

GANGTOK, Jan 13:
A black Himalayan bear strayed into habitation in south Sikkim, attacking
poultry and cattle. Senior forest officials said the black Himalayan bear had
devoured chicken, cattle and it could pose danger to human lives as well. The
bear had been playing hide and seek with a wildlife team, already stationed in
the area for the past few days. The team had been sparing no pains to ward off
the bear or trap and cage it earlier it had managed to trap it, but it managed
to escape. They had also been carrying tranquilizers but this effort had also
not paid off as the bear looked too dangerous at close range. State Forest
Secretary-cum-Principal Chief Conservator S T Lachungpa said a team, which had
been dispatched to the area, comprised the Conservator of Forest and other
senior officials along with forest guards.

Moderate quake
jolts Mizoram
13: A moderate intensity earthquake today shook parts of Mizoram on the
India-Bangladesh border. The quake, measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale, struck
the region at 0415hrs IST, the Met Department said. The temblor was epicentred
at 22.7 degree North Latitude and 92.6 degree East Longitude. There were no
reports of casualties. (UNI)

Tripura Govt welcomes Centre’s move to implement Forest Rights Act
AGARTALA, Jan 2: The Tripura government has expressed its approval to the
Centre’s issuance of notification for implementing the provisions of the
Scheduled Tribes (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2007. State Tribal Welfare
and Forest Minister Jitendra Choudhury told UNI here yesterday that following
the efforts of the Left Front in Tripura, the Centre had issued the notification
on December 31, for recognizing the forest dwellers’ exclusive rights over its
resources. …..more….

National seminar on flood fury and its mitigation held
From our Staff Reporter
DIBRUGARH, Jan 3: A two-day-long National Seminar on “Understanding of Flood
Hazards in Geo-Environmental and Economic Perspective” is being held at
Dibrugarh Hanumanbux Surajmal Kanoi (DHSK) College from today. Dr Kulendu Pathak,
Vice-Chancellor of Dibrugarh University, inaugurated the seminar. The inaugural
session was chaired by the Principal of the college, Dr JK Mahanta. In his
inaugural speech, Pathak said that geographers had a role to play in the proper
planning of flood related constructions.


Brahmaputra Board chairman takes stock of anti-erosion projects
From our Correspondent
JORHAT, Jan 3: The Majuli unit of Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti will queer the
pitch for permanent protection of the river island at a conclave to be held on
the bank of Brahmaputra river near Bengenati and Bhogpur xatras on January 22.
Office-bearers of the organization maintain that it is the duty of all the
people of the State to contribute to the cause of the protection of the
subdivision under the constant threat of floods and erosion caused by
Brahmaputra. …..more….

experiencing spine-chilling cold
IMPHAL, Jan 3: The
spine-chilling cold wave in Manipur continued today as the citizens confronted
misty weather since morning.

warming not behind warm winter
By our Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Jan 4: With the usual winter chill that the State experiences missing
this year, Regional Meteorological Centre sources here have confirmed that the
situation is in no way linked to the much-talked-about global warming factor.
They, however, said that the western disturbance, as well as the cold wave which
is sweeping across northern India, is yet to reach the State, adding that it
will take at least three more weeks for the temperatures to drop further.


winter in Asom
 JORHAT, Jan 4: While the
national capital, New Delhi, is reeling under a cold wave with temperatures
ranging between 0 to 4 degrees, the State is passing through an unprecedented
warm winter in comparison to previous years. LA Siddiqui, director, weather
section, Indian Meteorological department, Guwahati, while affirming that the
temperature was 2 to 3 degrees ‘higher than normal’ in each district of the
State at this time of the year, stated that the reason for this was lack of
rainfall usually caused by western disturbances in the region during the winter.


Church steps in to combat famine in Mizoram
AIZAWL, Jan 4: The Mizoram Presbyterian
Church has stepped in to help people in the State to avoid an impending famine
after the acute rice shortage due to Mautam season.
Synod social front, an organ of the church, has earmarked Rs 722,691,840 for the
‘famine relief for the state of Mizoram’ project. The project cost has been set
based on State agriculture department statistics as on October 31, 2007,
according to which 13,839.01 hectares of croplands amounting to Rs 2,71,244,596
were destroyed by rats, Mizoram Synod social front executive secretary Reverend
Zosangliana Colney told UNI here today.

dips further in Manipur(SEN, 5-1-k8)

IMPHAL, Jan 4: The mercury
today dipped further in Manipur, making it a cold and chilly day in the State.
Local Met sources said here today that the minimum temperature recorded for the
day was around 3.7 degrees


Pachyderm attack victims’ kin receive financial aid
 SONARI, Jan 5: The Abhoypur Forest Reserve under Napuk forest
division of Charaideo subdivision in Sivasagar district has become a place
synonymous with wild elephant attacks. Elephants from the forest reserve make
their way into the village in search of food. This has led to the destruction of
fields of the farmers and stored food grains in the villages. Moreover, some
villagers even lost their lives in elephant attacks.
Meanwhile, the kin of the dead people have been provided aid by the forest
department of the State Government. According to the order member BG/10/ex
gratia/852/23, given by divisional forest officer Utpal Bora, the families of
the deceased received financial aid of Rs 40,000 each. …..more….

Water storage
capacity shrinking in Asom
 DIBRUGARH, Dec 15: With
growing human settlements gradually encroaching into the watershed areas, the
water storage capacity of this region is reducing with every passing day. As a
result most of the rain water flows out through the rivers leaving little scope
for recharge of ground water while causing devastating floods. Addressing a
meeting organized by Upper Brahmaputra Division, Central Water Commission, on
the occasion of Water Resource Day 2007

Weather condition improves in Manipur
IMPHAL, Jan 7: The mercury levels in Manipur have dropped slightly
and brought respite to the people suffering under intense cold conditions.  Met
officials here said the minimum temperature was recorded at about 5.4 degrees
Celsius, while the maximum was about 23 degrees Celsius. The maximum relative
humidity was about 75 per cent. …..more….

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