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Mizoram Political, January 2008

Posted by buraluit on May 2, 2009

Mizoram to disburse Rs 8

Mizoram to disburse Rs 8.82 cr to
Mautam victims
 AIZAWL, Jan 28 – The Mizoram Government
will disburse Rs 882 lakh as contingency fund to farmers who have lost their
crops due to the outbreak of Mautam, the government said in a statement. The
statement said, the State Government has received Rs 881 lakhs from the Central
Government for National Calamity Contingency Fund and with the government adding
Rs 1 lakh from the State revenue, Rs 882 lakh will be disbursed to farmers in
all eight districts of the State. The fund will be distributed according to the
regulations made by the Ministry of Home Affairs, (Disaster Management Division
I) at the rate of Rs 20 for adults and Rs 15 for minors daily.

Ex-NEC Secy joins MNF

Aizawl, Jan 22 (UNI):
Former Mizoram chief secretary and North Eastern
Council (NEC) secretary H V Lalringa has joined the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF)
ahead of the Assembly polls slated for November this year. Mr Lalringa was
officially inducted into the MNF by party supremo and Mizoram Chief Minister
Zoramthanga at the MNF office here yesterday.”I am not new to the MNF as I join
it today. This (the official induction) is only my declaration that I still
belong to the MNF, which I have been since I was a teenager,” Mr Lalringa said.
Mr Lalringa and the Chief Minister had studied together at the Imphal
(Manipur) DM College in the early 1960s. Mr Lalringa claimed in his statement
that he was not joining the party for power.”Even if the MNF loses power, I
will remain with the party for all the good deeds it (the MNF ministry) has done
which I witnessed during my tenure as the chief secretary,” he claimed.

should strongly defend every inch of Cong needs power to feed the hungry:
Newmai News Network
 AIZAWL, Jan 9 – MPCC president and former Chief Minister Lalthanhawla today
said the Congress need to form the government in this year’s Assembly elections
because the hungry need to be fed. Speaking to party men at the at the Congress
Bhavan, Lalthanhawla was emphatic that the Congress returns to power or else it
would mean Mizoram would remain in a wrecked condition.
“It is mandatory that we overthrow the MNF Government in this year’s elections.
If we are to be happy at year-end, we must have a good beginning from the New
Three States in the region will face elections this year and if the Congress
does not do well in the other two States, it should do well at least in Mizoram”,
he said.
He also said, “If we are forced to remain in the opposition again, Mizoram will
become a wreck,” Hawla warned.”
He assured his party men that if the Congress formed the government through
God’s grace, their first task would be to feed the hungry and to give the people
sustainable livelihoods so that they will no longer become hungry.
Speaking about the current situation in Mizoram, Hawla alleged that corruption
has become rampant in the State while Mizoram has the worst law and order
situation among NE states.
“In order to make the State normal again, corruption has to be uprooted and we
should be so clean that the public should be able to turn us inside out whenever
they want,” he added.


union may contest Mizoram polls
Newmai News Network
 AIZAWL, Jan 10 – The Zoram Kuthnathawktu Pawl, a union of farmers boasting to
be the fastest growing organization in the State, discussed plans on how to take
part in the next general elections in Mizoram to be held later this year. PC
Lalrosiama, general secretary of ZKP said, “We cannot just sit back and watch
while elections are held as elections are the best chance to bring reforms in
the State. Our meeting at Saitual yesterday is mainly to discuss what part we
will play during the next election”.
He said, “Our main goal is to see that a government for the people is formed and
we might consider contesting in the election to achieve this goal.”
He, however, stressed that members of the organization are not fit to contest
the elections as none of them have good education or the privilege of a
politician’s mind. “We just want to see that a good government is formed but if
we find any member from our organization who fits the bill of a good politician,
we will give our full support to him,” he said.


34 pc
domestic workers in Mizoram from foreign countries
Newmai News Network
 AIZAWL, Jan 11 – A survey by the National Domestic Workers Movement Welfare
Trust, Mizoram Unit has revealed that 34 per cent of domestic workers employed
in Mizoram are from outside the country.
According to reports from the Trust, 1537 domestic workers are currently
employed in the State with 536 (34 pc) coming from outside the country and 1001
(66 pc) from within the State. The workers are mostly between the ages of 14-20
with monthly salaries ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.
The Trust, Mizoram Unit, has postponed the date of observing the International
Domestic Workers Day from January 9 to January 13 as most of domestic workers in
the State are free on Sundays only. The Trust is seeking to promote the rights
and privileges of domestic workers in the State.
Sister Rose Paite, coordinator of the NWDM said that a number of domestic
workers are racially, physically and sexually abused in the State and they have
compiled a record of all these criminal acts. “We will look into all the reports
and determine which reports are true. After that, we will take legal action,”
she said. Rose also said that most of the domestic workers were students from
villages who have no choice but to work as domestic workers to pay their fees
for education.
“Although we are a non-governmental organization, our work requires help from
the government. In other States, the State Government fixes the monthly salaries
of the workers and issues an order that at least one day of leave be given each
week. Our main objective is to ensure that the Mizoram Government fixes the
minimum wage for domestic workers in the State,” she added.


Day celebrated
Newmai News Network
 AIZAWL, Jan 13 – Mizoram on Friday observed Missionary Day. All offices of the
Mizoram Synod were closed as a commemoration of the day. Government offices and
schools were also closed as the State Government declared it a State holiday.
The Mizoram Presbyterian Church, the biggest church denomination in the State,
had resolved to observe January 11 as Missionary Day, the day when the two
Chrisitan missionaries Rev FW Savidge and JH Lorraine entered the State to
spread Christianity.
According to records, Rev William Williams, a Welsh missionary and Aitken, a
Khasi missionary first visited the State in 1891 to spread the gospel but as the
State was in turmoil during that time, the two decided not to start their
mission and went back home later that year.
However, Rev Williams made a proposal to the Welsh Mission Board to open a
mission field in Mizoram and after looking into his proposal, the board decided
to send Rev JH Lorraine, locally known as Pu Buanga and Rev FW Savidge, locally
known as Sap Upa, to start the mission in the State. The two entered the State
from Sairang town on January 11, 1894 while traveling in a small boat.


directives on elections
Newmai News Network
 AIZAWL, Jan 16 – The United Pentecostal Church’s Champhai district authorities
have issued a directive to its members for the coming Assembly elections in
order to have a free and fair election within the district.
A report today said the UPC (NE India) general headquarters here in the state
had given permission to the district authorities to issue such a directive and
that the directive was meant for Church’s members only.
All members of the church within the district have been instructed to relinquish
any post they may hold in a political party in order to change the undesirable
system that is now in place. The directive said all members should be totally
against any unfair means that may be employed for the coming Assembly elections.


Farmers caution against rodent army onslaught(SHT, 5-1-k8)


Cautioning against rampant
destruction of paddy by rodents in rural areas of Mizoram this year,
agricultural scientists on Sunday called upon the administration to cope the
threat.The rats, which had ravaged cultivation areas during 2007 due to periodic
gregarious bamboo flowering locally known as ‘Mautam‘ might continue
their acts, a pest scientist in the State Agriculture Department James
Lalsiamliana told PTI. Though it had been experienced in the past, especially in
the late 1950s that the rodents die in February-March after food was no longer
available with bamboo seeds germinating and crops devastated, this time in an
unprecedented ecological twist, the Dendrocalamu Hamiltoni species, locally
known as ‘Phulrua‘ began to flower and bear fruits in the past one month,
providing food not only for rats but also jungle fowls and wild boars, he said.
"We have received reports from many places in the State that ‘Phulrua
had flowered and bore fruits and if rodents continue to find food due to the
sudden development, they may survive and continue destruction of the crops," he
cautioned. (PTI)


ties with Myanmar, India urged(SHT_19_1_k8)

A public meeting for restoration of democracy and human rights in Myanmar here
on Friday appealed to the Centre to snap all ties with the military rulers of
the country as economic cooperation with it would never benefit the people
unless democracy was restored."The Indian Government should work with the UN to
find amicable solution to the Myanmar imbroglio," said the resolution passed at
the meeting organised jointly by Mizoram Committee for Democracy in Burma and
Campaign for Democratic Movement in Burma.Mizoram is the worst sufferer of
political instability and turmoil in the neighbouring country, participants of
the meeting said and asked the people of Mizoram to take active role in
supporting the pro-democratic groups to ensure restoration of democracy and
human rights in Myanmar.

participants also urged the State Government to take up the issue with the
Centre as ethnic Mizos in Myanmar were being persecuted in that country and also
that Mizo people faced serious problems due to refugees flooding the State due
to persecution by the military junta.Dr Tint Swe, member of Parliament of Burma
and leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi,
who spoke at the meeting on the need for new strategy in dealing with Myanmar by
India said that even the Look East Policy would only have a meaning after
restoration of democracy.Other speakers included Rozathang and Hla Htun who
stressed the need for increasing pressure on the political mandarins in New
Delhi to change the country’s policy towards the military regime in Myanmar. (PTI)

Former NEC Secy joins

Aizawl: Former Mizoram Chief Secretary and North Eastern Council (NEC)
Secretary HV Lalringa has joined the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) ahead of
the Assembly polls slated for November this year.Lalringa was officially
inducted into the MNF by party supremo and Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga at
the MNF office here on Monday.”I am not new to the MNF as I join it today. This
(the official induction) is only my declaration that I still belong to the MNF,
which I have been since I was a teenager,” Mr Lalringa said.Mr Lalringa claimed
in his statement that he was not joining the party for power. (UNI)

Delhi rule
plea for Mizoram(TEL, 16-1-k8)

Jan. 15:
The BJP’s Mizoram
unit today submitted a memorandum to Governor Lt Gen. (retd) M.M. Lakhera,
demanding the removal of the Mizo National Front government and the imposition
of President’s rule in the state. State unit president Khawvelthanga and the
All-India co-convenor of the central co-operative cell, Dhananjay Kumar Singh,
jointly signed the memorandum.

It stated that
the MNF government had mismanaged central funds in the past nine years,
resulting in a deficit of Rs 2,000 crore. Moreover, there was a breakdown in the
law and order situation. “We have also heard rumours that the MNF has secretly
begun to develop a new insurgent group and has arranged its training in Myanmar.
This needs to be probed,” it added. The memorandum said Mizoram should be put
under President’s rule “immediately”. citing the case of Rev. Chanchinmawia’s
death, which the police department had “dismissed” as a case of suicide “in
spite of all evidence collected by it suggesting the contrary”. Rev.
Chanchinmawia was found dead from several stab wounds on his body early on the
morning of October 1 last year inside his quarters. The police special
investigation team deemed it a case of suicide, as no evidence suggesting
otherwise could be found.It added that in the past, the state government had
allegedly allowed NGOs to take the law into their own hands resulting in several


sends SOS to Centre as MNF fails
AIZAWL, Jan 9: The Mizoram
Peoples Conference party today sought the Centres ‘effective intervention’ to
combat impending Mautam (bamboo flowering) famine because the incumbent Mizo
National Front has ‘failed’ to do so.
“While the rest of India and the world look forward to the New Year with
glittering hope, the people of Mizoram are sitting in a state of gloom after
they had produced last year less than ten per cent of their annual production of
rice as a result of the phenomenal bamboo flowering (Mautam) which
disproportionately increased rodent population,” a memorandum to Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh said. “Many families in Mizoram can now hardly afford to have one
square meal a day,” the MPC said in its memorandum. Since Mautam famine, which
occurs at an interval of every 48 years, is a predictable disaster, the central
government in collaboration with the State Government could circumvent it, the
memorandum added. “But, the present administrative tendency of the State
Government and the manner of their operation to combat the crisis belies all
hopes and trust of the people of Mizoram,” it rued. The MPC also recollected
that in 1979 the central government, in collaboration with the then Brig T Sailo-led
Peoples Conference (now MPC) ministry could effectively combat similar famine
brought about by Thingtam (which occurred at the interval of every 25 years, but
less in magnitude than Mautam), owing to the state governments judicious use of
the centrally-sponsored food-for-work programme, called Employment Generation
The T Sailo-led MPC alleged that the whopping Rs 90 crore sanctioned by the
Centre to combat the famine under the scheme christened by the State Government
as Bamboo Flowering and Famine Combat Scheme (Baffacos), instead of alleviating
the affected people, went to the sole benefit of one particular political party
workers. The aggrieved farmers have formed themselves into Zoram Kuthnathawktu
Pawl to protest the pilferage and diversion of the Baffacos fund. “The poor
cultivators are now virtually on the verge of revolt,” the memorandum stated.
Among others, the MPC suggested making more fund available from the Central
government to meet the present crisis and appointing a reliable philanthropic
organization to execute such a gigantic task for effective fight against the
impending famine. (UNI)

Impending Mautam (bamboo
flowering) may bring about famine to the State of Mizoram
Overthrow MNF to rescue people from
poverty: Thanhawla

AIZAWL, Jan 9: Mizoram unit of the Congress chief Lal Thanhawla claimed
that the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) government in the State must be
overthrown to alleviate the poverty of the people and rescue them from the
Mautam famine.
Addressing the party workers here yesterday, the former Chief Minister said,
“The Congress has to win the mandate in the next Assembly polls and start
practical operations immediately to rescue the people from the present
socio-economic crisis.”
Thanhawla criticized Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s statement on January
seven, saying, “Merely reassuring words will not save us from poverty and
distress. We have to act practically to save the poor people with a renewed NLUP
(New Land Use Policy).”
Zoramthanga had urged the people on January seven not to worry about the Mautam
famine and assured that adequate rice supplies would be provided.
Asserting that corruption should be completely eradicated from Mizoram,
Thanhawla claimed that corruption would be uprooted if his party came back to
power in the next Assembly polls. He also claimed that the Congress had a high
chance of winning the upcoming elections in some of the NE States. (UNI)

Mizoram Cong hopes for return of ‘lost son’
AIZAWL, Jan 13:
Congress MLA Zodintluanga today said the Mizoram Congress Committee is planning
to welcome J Lalsangzuala back into the Congress Bhavan. Speaking to UNI over
the phone, Zodintluanga said, “Negotiations are on with J Lalsangzuala and we
are happy with how things are going.” He added that Lalsangzuala visited the
bhavan three days ago for the first time in two years. “There is a strong
likelihood that the top leaders of the MPC would come back into the MPCC. Our
senior vice-president (MLA R Lalzirliana) and vice-president are ready to vacate
their posts to make way for our former colleagues to come back into the party.”
“If this happens, the Congress party is going to be much stronger than before,”
the Congress MLA added. Incidentally, some Congress stalwarts, including two
standing MLAs Saikapthianga and Liansuama led by former Congress Finance
Minister J Lalsangzuala split the MPCC and floated a new party, the Mizoram
Congress Party(MCP) on August 17, 2005. This was due to Lal Thanhawla’s alleged
refusal to step down as party president. The new party went on to become the
ruling Mizo National Fronts partner. However, a member of the executive
committee said Liansuama would never be welcomed back into the party because “he
had gone too far in betraying the trust placed on him.” Notably, contrary to MNF
supremo and Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s statement that it had been agreed to
renew the MNF-MCP alliance for this years state assembly polls, Lalsangzuala has
made it clear that his party had made no commitment yet with any party. State
Congress chief Lal Thanhawla had while addressing the press at the Congress
Bhavan here a few days back, said the Congress would embrace those who had left
the party and were now willing to return. (UNI)

Kaladan project nears completion
AIZAWL, Jan 3: The Kaladan multi-model project, a key route to
the Indo-Myanmar border trade, is nearing completion, says Myanmar Foreign
Minister U Nyan Win.
Speaking to Mizoram Lok Sabha member Vanlalzawma, in the presence of Union
External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi on Wednesday, Nyan said
this and added that the project is in its final stage and an agreement in this
regard would be signed when Myanmar vice-president visits India in next April.
Apart from the Kaladan project, the officials were also discussing Indo-Myanmar
border trade through Zokhawthar on the eastern parts of Mizoram. (UNI)

Church steps in to combat famine in Mizoram
4: The Mizoram Presbyterian Church has stepped in to help people in the State to
avoid an impending famine after the acute rice shortage due to Mautam season.
Synod social front, an organ of the church, has earmarked Rs 722,691,840 for the
‘famine relief for the state of Mizoram’ project. The project cost has been set
based on State agriculture department statistics as on

October 31, 2007,
according to which 13,839.01 hectares of croplands amounting to Rs 2,71,244,596
were destroyed by rats, Mizoram Synod social front executive secretary Reverend
Zosangliana Colney told UNI here today.
With the Zoramthanga government’s alleged failure to combat the Mautam famine,
the church’s intervention plays an important role in the present situation.
“If our actions has no bearing on the role of the government. It is our
collective responsibility to help the needy, irrespective of class and caste,”
Reverend Colney said, adding that Chief Minister Zoramthanga has heartily
thanked the social front for its initiatives. He stated that of the total
project cost, Rs 672,480,000 would be used for sustenance fund and the remaining
Rs 50,211,840 would be allocated as start-up fund for buying food grains for the
next season. Elaborating on the sustenance fund, Rev Colney said it is meant for
the sustenance of the 29,888 families affected by famine (based on agriculture
department records) residing in 431 villages.
As immediate relief, the social front has distributed 512 quintals of rice to
different villages just before Christmas, so that no one starves during
Christmas, said Reverend Colney. (UNI)

kickstarts Year of Planet Earth
AIZAWL, Jan 4: With a view to raise awareness about various
environmental issues among people, the Science Teachers Association of Mizoram
(STAM) has launched an Understanding Planet Earth (UPE) programme as part of the
International Year of Planet Earth.
The association launched the programme here yesterday with an eco-run in which
members of church youth wings and the Young Mizo Association, comprising about
400 runners, participated.
Addressing the rally, state Environment and Forest Minister R Lalthangliana
expressed grave concern over the extensive deforestation in Mizoram in the
process of shifting cultivation. He stressed on the urgent need to do away with
the age-old slash and burn cultivation on which about 80 per cent of the farmers
still depended.
The rallyists also took an oath, administered by STAM general secretary C
Lalrosanga, to strive for the preservation of the environment and forests.
The STAM, a member of the NCSTC-Network, will implement the UN programme in
Mizoram. (UNI)

BJP terms
MNF ‘anti-farmer’
AIZAWL, Jan 14: The BJP today alleged that the Mizo National Front
(MNF) government had been following anti-farmer policies which were detrimental
to the welfare of the downtrodden sections.
Addressing a press conference here, BJP all India convener (central cooperatives
cell) Dhananjay Kumar Singh said, “The party will submit a memorandum to the
Mizoram Governor and organize a massive farmers’ rally to protest the MNF’s
anti-farmer policies.” Singh alleged that the MNF, ruling the State for two
consecutive terms, had never implemented any of the BJP-led NDA government’s
welfare schemes for peasants, including the Kissan Credit Card scheme, National
Agricultural Insurance Scheme, Krishi, Shramik and Samajik Suraksha Yojana.
“Today, the situation is such that the MNF government has to beg from the Centre
to provide food to the people of the State during the Mautam (bamboo flowering)
famine,” Singh said. He added that the party would also demand for President’s
Rule in Mizoram if the MNF continued with its ‘anti-farmer policies’. He also
rubbished Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s claims that the cost of the
additional food packages would be borne by the Planning Commission.
“The truth is that the additional food has to be purchased by the State
Government which means that the MNF is increasing the State’s existing deficit
of Rs 2,000 crore, which will severely affect the future economy,” Singh said.
“During the 2003 polls, the BJP had promised to wipe out the State’s entire
deficit. Now, the BJP promises a surplus budget within our first term if voted
to power in the next Assembly polls.”
To achieve this, we will follow the Gujarat and Maharashtra model of economic
development,” Singh claimed.
The BJP leader also claimed that the resullts of the Assembly elections in
Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh had clearly indicated that the next government at
the Centre will be formed by the BJP. He also assured the people that the BJP
was not an anti-Christian party but a nationalist party which emphasized on
cultural nationalism and respected all cultures and traditions.

Mizoram sees 17.65% increase in annual plan
AIZAWL, Jan 14: The Mizoram annual plan for 2008-09 at Rs 1,000 crore has
seen a 17.65 per cent increase from the last year’s ten per cent increase,
official sources said here today.
The Planning Commission alloted an increased amount in response to Chief
Minister Pu Zoramthanga’s request as the state was facing acute crisis of food
following Mautam famine. The plan includes an additional central assistance of
Rs 70 crore for projects of special interest for the State, sources added. The
Chief Minister further said the priorities of 11th Plan as well as holistic
development have been kept in mind while formulating the annual plan 2008-09. He
said that agriculture and its allied sectors and rural development, employment
generation and poverty eradication would be priority of the annual plan. He said
the State was facing food crisis as no harvesting could be done because of
massive bamboo flowering. The State Government was also expecting additional
help under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme to cope up with the
famine like situation. Planning Commission Deputy chairman Montek Singh
Ahluwalia also announced that the NREGS will cover the entire state of Mizoram
from this April. (UNI)

 MPCC demands removal of Chakma CEM


AIZAWL, Jan 18: The Mizoram
Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) today urged Mizoram Governor M M Lakhera to
remove the Chakma Autonomous District Council’s (CADC) Chief Executive Member
(CEM) for allegedly misappropriating funds under the Rastriya Sam Vikash Yajona
The MPCC took the step following an Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) inquiry,
ordered by the Governor, which found the allegations against the Chakma council
authority to be true.
In a memorandum stated to the Governor, the party stated, the MPCC feels that
proper investigation would be hampered if main accused Rasik Mohan Chakma and
PWD executive engineer of the council Rosendra Singh are allowed to hold their
respective posts.
“It is also not proper to allow the CADC to further execute the RSVY scheme
after the ACB inquiry had proved misappropriation of funds under the scheme,”
the memorandum added.
On December eight, the Mizoram Governor ordered the independent inquiry
following complaints submitted by Congress workers in the Chakma council.
According to the allegations, two earth excavators, each costing Rs 20.50 lakh
and a road roller worth Rs 12 lakh, were bought with the RSVY scheme under the
name of a private firm – R M Enterprise – whose proprietor was the CEM’s wife.
The Congress further accused the Mizo National Front (MNF) government of trying
to prevent appropriate punishment for the accused.
“We also demand appropriate action against the accused who have been found
guilty. Unless any action is taken against the officials involved, we will give
every effort to ensure justice,” the party warned. The Chakma district council
falls under Lawngtlai district in southern Mizoram which is among the 150
districts all over the country selected for the RSVY scheme.
Each district is allocated Rs 45 crore under this three-year scheme. (UNI)





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