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Climate Change News from North East India

Climate change led problems would compound North East India’s existing environmental problems which include degradation, loss of soil fertility (nutrients and organic matter) and pollution and deforestation caused land degradation are already very severe.

NE India, like other parts of  South Asia, faces problems interfacing population pressure and agricultural activities that cause land degradation. These include shifting cultivation without adequate fallow periods, absence of soil conservation measures, cultivation of fragile and marginal lands, unbalanced fertilizer use and a host of problems arising from faulty management of irrigation.

Given such a scenario, for a region like NE India, the added impacts of  global warming would be beyond its capability to handle , given the limited availability of capital for investment. Additionally, since NE India’s economy is heavily dependant on agriculture and is hardly diversified at all, the effects of  Global Warming and Climate Change are likely to be that much more severe.

In general a more diversified economy is less likely to be subject to the vagaries of climate. In the case of NE India while economic development has extended and diversified employment opportunities to an extent, it has not kept pace with population growth, especially in rural areas. The region’s problems are compounded by a skewed and highly uneven distribution of wealth and income aggravated by ‘bad planning, managerial deficiency and corruption’.

In the near future climate change is likely to generate a fresh stream of ecological refugees from Bangladesh and in the absence of suitable legal policy , the situation will virtually go beyond control. The position of Bangladesh is precarious and with the spectre of sea level induced effects looming large an exodus of migrants to nearby areas seems imminent.
Global warming effects hit tourism in Sikkim(AST, 4-3-2008)
GANGTOK, March 3 – Sikkim tourism has not been spared from the effects of global warming. The Travel Agents’ Association of Sikkim had planned to organize skiing in the State to promote adventure tourism and winter tourism, but failed in their bid because of poor snowfall in recent months. “We had planned skiing sports at Kupup near Nathu-La border and Yumthang in West district to attract the tourists in winter season, the off-season for the State’s tourism business in January and February. But that could not be materialized as there are no snowfalls in the State in this season”, Palzor Lachungpa, president of the association said….more….


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